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A few points on HSI, which are probably general enough as to not require spoiler space.

I agree with Haak that Ko isn't that bad. But he never really seemed "cool" to me.

That's actually the biggest problem I have with Okada's male characters, particularly in HSI. They almost never get to be cool, or have "moments of awesome", shall we say. Now if the entire cast was like that, if they were all a collection of "lovable losers", then that would be one thing. But that's not not the case in HSI, as a lot of the female characters in it come across as "cool" to me. In other words, they come across as some combination of accomplished, talented, strong, effective, smooth, etc...

Even Minko, for all her flaws, is a serious-minded popular beauty (that's how she's perceived in-universe, at least) who looks to have a good future as a cook ahead of her.

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Actually, I would consider the AnoHana one to be pretty good, even though it was a bit outrageous. Though later in the show it got sorta overboard and derp, much like the later part of the show in general.
I honestly loved Menma. That was great at both a comedy level, and at a character development level.

I have nothing against cross-dressing males in fiction. It's just that Okada goes to the well too often on that, imo. I mean, I wouldn't want Hulk Hogan-esque macho-men in every Okada-wrote anime show either, as much as I often like those sorts of characters (and Hulk Hogan himself).

It's fine for a writer to have certain character types and designs that they like, and go back to sometimes. But with Okada, it's reached the level of unintentional self-parody, I think.
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