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Originally Posted by kyp275 View Post
Apparently BT haven't translated the author note in vol10 anyway... but this is an excerpt from chinese translation sites

"...尤其是關于最後『對決』,那雖然是四處可以窺見兩系列之間關聯性的作品,但作為作者,我現在要立于 《兩部作品並無明確的聯系》這一立場上"

Especially considering [Versus], although that's a work where you can see the correlation/links between the two series, but as the author, I will state now my position that "There are no clear link between the two series"
So, I got another person to look it up and what they said was that, in addition to the above quote, it was..

Spoiler for AW & SAO Cross-over chapter: Versus Spoilers:

So having said that, AW and SAO could simply be very similar universes. Of course, the author saying that there's no clear link between the two could mean that he's giving himself space to change his mind later without having to retcon stuff.
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