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Sorry but I beg to differ. SS was never more than a cult hit. Even during it's prime(which is to say the first 2 SS) where is the competition? Did it ever occur to you why Nakoruru was so popular compared to the rest of the SS roster?
It spawned 11 more games , many oav's and drama cd's. Not bad for just a "cult hit".
At it's prime it had competition from the famous Street fighter II. If you meant prime and competiton with tournaments, then you are obviously lacking information in the japanese fighting game tournament department, because Samurai spirits V and VI were present in the biggest annual japanese tournament Tougeki of 2005 and 2006.

Originally Posted by MartianMage View Post
And no, your argument is no counter. Remember I only said that character design is the primary factor. I never said it is the only factor. You seem to be always forgetting this point.
I never forgot it, but primary does mean the most dominent or prominent factor. My examples why visual novels that have good visuals are not known is a good counter argument, seeing that most people in this forum barely know about any characters in VN that not have been adapted in animes regardless that the art are in some occasions much better than most characters designs that i have seen in animes.

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And did you read the thread? Isn't it pretty obvious that the topic is ambiguous to begin with and a good number of people subscribed to "identifiable" as "recognizable?"
No, he actually said identifiable as in more than character designs.

Originally Posted by Kirito View Post

There are many anime that people enjoy, hate, and ignore or whatever. But this is what's been on my mind for a long time now: What is it that makes a character or an anime series itself "identifiable" to the viewers (ie us)? Is it because of the character designs, genre, personality traits, talents or powers, story, premise, setting etc.

Many people have their own perspective of what they like or hate in a series and what not, but what makes you identify a series or character(s) to the point where it's enjoyable or worse, depending on your preference.

So what's your thoughts about this? If you wish to comment that's fine, and if it's pointless, ignore this post. I needed to get this off chest.
You are only focusing on one aspect what he mentioned: the character design. While the topic starter probably had a much wider vision in mind, if you look at the red and bolded parts that i quoted.

edit: seeing that you very likely seem to like Puella Magi Madoka Magica because of your avatar and signature, let me ask you one thing:
Did you watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica primarily for the character design?

Based on your previous posts saying that "that character designs is the number one factor" , it must be yes.

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