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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
I don't see that hug as narm, but yet another hint that there's something under the surface that we , the viewers are not privileged to. The sudden tonal shift at the end, from light-heartedly domestic to melancholic does not seem so much clumsy writing, but rather, a deliberate choice to flag that there's something up about their relationship, and there's backstory we'd like to know more.

Rather than simply condemning certain sections as Narm, I think scenes like the Hug do happen for reasons we the viewers have not yet and may never see because of the In Media Res manner where we are dropped ontop of ongoing character development whose origins were not shown. Is it frustrating? Maybe, but what do you expect out of a One Cour anyway?
No, I understood that perfectly. It's just the fact that he's putting his face in her breasts that makes it a bit narmish. It has nothing to do with clumsy writing.
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