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Okay, the sub-forum is now created. Please note, though, that there are strict rules about posting information from the Muv-Luv games in Total Eclipse anime threads, namely it's forbidden. That being said, there are now a number of other threads where this discussion can go instead, so it should be easier to direct the discussion accordingly. We will be observing a strict no spoiler policy for this show, including automatic one-day bans on the first offence, so please take time now to review the Spoiler Policy for this sub-forum. Also, there is information in each thread about what is on-topic/allowed. If additional threads are needed beyond what is here now, please request it.

Thanks and have fun!

Edit: Also, I should note. There are three speculation threads:

This way people can decide how much "spoilers" they want. Also, you can use the Q&A thread if all you want is a simple answer to a question.
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