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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Ever since I've learned about it, I had always wonder if it could have been Choronzon.
Well that pretty much settles it for me

Choronzon is basically a Horusian Lucifer, which is why from a Christian standpoint the 'thing' inside Touma can be mistaken as Lucifer. Considering Fiamma knows of Crowley's work and felt first-hand what was within Touma when it wanted to, ehem, peel his face off and fuck him in the eye socket, it's even more obvious why Aleister wanted him deader than dead. Very few people have the power, knowledge and experience combinedto truly comprehend what is sealed in Touma and what you can do with it. Already you can tell that when Fiamma and Aleister talk, Fiamma knows that from a Christian standpoint that he saw Motherfucking Lucifer the Light Bringer, but he feels that isn't really what it was. That it's an illusion to see it that way.

Let's take the juicy part:

“…Is Aiwass that attractive an existence?” Fiamma asked. “An angel that cannot be explained by the Bible or theology is also the symbol of an element that is inside this world created by god and also outside of the hands of god. It is the beginning of the destruction of the fate established by god. …You did not want the Book of the Law. You wanted the strange angel that granted you the Book of the Law.”

Aleister did not confirm or deny that.

“Well, I was not originally supposed to appear at this stage,” said the magician who was said to be the worst in the history of magic. “Even if you do not understand the values of things, you saw a bit too deeply into that right hand. You caught a glimpse of what is inside of it, when it would have been best for you to only have recognized as a mere right hand that can negate supernatural powers. I simply cannot let this go. I was reluctant, but I had to make an appearance.”

“Of what is inside…?”

“And on top of that, it ended like this. He has now left my grasp. Thanks to that, I will have to take a bit of a ‘detour’. …I see. So a being such as myself may still be able to feel common anger.”


Fiamma’s eyebrows moved ever so slightly.

He was recalling whatever it was that had flowed out from within when he had severed that boy’s right arm.

“What was that?”

“I’m sure you know,” he responded as if spitting out the words. “Other than the fact that the format you were basing it on was much too old, what you were trying to do is very similar to my plan. They are both the idea to change the world by preparing a temple filled with strange power, drawing out the power of the right arm within that temple, and readjusting the thickness of the phase itself with that power. How is Academy City different from a small world that has sealed a certain type of power? You just need to look at your own actions from a different viewpoint. Just by doing that, you should be able to understand the true nature of that power. …If you had succeeded in doing that, you may have reached your goal before I did.”
Now two passages of the article:

Originally Posted by Aleister's Plan
Peter Carroll's "Mass of Choronzon" is a ritual with the purpose of casting the energy of one's ego into the universe to effectuate an unknown desire. [...] Carroll himself states in the afore-mentioned book, however, that Choronzon is simply the name given to the obsessional side-effects of any deluded search for a false Holy Guardian Angel, or anything which the magician would mistake for his own profound genius itself.
Do I have to explain this to you? This is (indexverse) Aleister's life story and his entire plan since the beginning of the entire series. This is also a major part of what Fiamma tried to do but in the wrong format. It's all a ritual to alter the universe according to your ego.

Originally Posted by True Purpose of Imagine Breaker?
Thelemites believe that if [Choronzon] is met with proper preparation, then his function is to destroy the ego, which allows the adept to move beyond the Abyss of occult cosmology.
Hm, remember that whole "I had my illusions broken long ago" shtick we heard Aleister say? And the wild speculation about him and the previous Imagine Breaker breaking his illusions? He had his ego shattered, which allowed him to move beyond a certain way of thinking. JEEZ I WONDER WHAT THAT RESEMBLES HMMMMM.

With this, I'm thinking that, like I thought, Fiamma will end up saving everyone and become a Horusian Jesus after Aleister's plan fails and Choronzon is inadvertently set loose.

Or maybe I'm just in fanon mode.


Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
But Chronozon isn't related to dragon in any way... is it?
Well Volume 18 said that Dragon in Christianity represented a Fallen Angel. But we're not dealing in that format, now are we?
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