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Hi. I attended an anime convention yesterday.
Sharing some of the pics that I took. I hope it's ok if I tell a little about the event as well.

Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp - held at SMNE Skydome.
Arrived at the place approximately at 11 a.m. The Skydome is a building separate from the mall, and there's a hallway you have to walk through to get there.

. . .

When you enter the Skydome, there's a giant gundam on one side.


Time = 11 a.m to lunctime

First cosplayer I met inside is also a doujin artist. Had a pleasant talk with her about Komikon (a previous convention) before moving on.

Some more cosplayers that I encountered inside.

. .


Loli Miku Hatsune, cute posing beside the gundam models.

It's a little cramped inside so I went out again. Please note the it's raining and parts of the hallway are exposed to rain. Making cosplayers and those who photograph them partly exposed to rain as well. A little rain won't stop anime fans!

. .

Don't know her cosplay, but it's good so I took pic.

Went back inside.

Green haired character with a large bow. I wonder from which anime.

Good old Voltes V, super robot anime from my childhood.
But the area where he stands is hopelessly cramped, so I was only able to take one pic.

There's a drawing contest going on too.


Zorro! I intended to take more pics on different sword stances. Just looked around the other way a little.. when I looked again he's gone like the wind.

Big guy with a gun.

Masked man.

No cosplay yesterday is more loli than this!

Want some Takoyaki?

Shana, she's one of the better cosplayers I've seen yesterday. Fits Shana's character well. I have something like 10+ pics of her on my digicam. Had to wait awhile for my turn because plenty of people lining up to take her pic,

. .

My good friend Mimi cosplaying Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth. Glad she didn't get mad when I didn't recognize her.


Taiga, no she isn't really frowning. She's just trying to mimic Taiga's tsundere personality. :lol: She's actually nice to talk to, and also one of the tough cosplayers who stayed till evening.


Haruhi, nothing to say except quite cute. Like Taiga, she also stayed till evening.

No cosplay event is complete without someone in a maid cos.



Plenty of cosplayers ate lunch at the mall fastfood area.
I politely asked first if it's ok to take a pic, because she might be still eating (she's done eating ).

After lunch to late afternoon.

Start of the live bands and competitions. There's Voca Battle (plenty of good singers), and a cosplay contest. Unfortunately, the memory card of my cam doesn't have enough space to store video of the singing contests. Also, it's so crowded that I'm only able to take "partial" pics of cosplayers in the stage.

. . . . .



I don't remember the name of this band, but they performed a song named "Lost my music", and it's good. Cute vocalist voice and their guitarists are good too.

This band sung LION from Macross Frontier. I was resting at a chair.. heard them and it made me run back to the front of the stage. Losing my chair, but who cares about being able to sit! Too bad I can't remember name of band,

This band performed "Yuzurenai Negai" from Magic Knight Rayearth.

Clearly people are tired, but Palmtop Tiger, Angemon, and Haruhi are still strong and posing for pics!

. . .

Cosplayer for Oh No! manga
Well, she's a cosplayer who works for the sponsors of the event. A character in one of their manga. Title of manga is Inbox. She's really pretty up close, I had to wait in line before I could take pic.


Item booths are always present at conventions like this.

Some more cosplayers that night.

. . .

Cute. Anyone know which anime character she's cosplaying?


Want a hug?

She's a cosplayer who's also a costume seller.

Suigintou. My cam ran out of batteries when I'm about to take her pic. Good thing Gin-sama is considerate. She waited for me to reload batteries.

Gundam models.

Hmm, that's it. I hope people didn't get bored by my report. A small part of the report is off topic to this thread. So I posted the items here

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