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Important Note: I strongly encourage re-reading the "Madoka Is Alone" section in the post linked to within "Madoka Is Alone" below. This is probably necessary to refresh your memory on a narrative chain that hasn't been touched on in a long time...

Mami Lives Chapter 12
Madoka is Alone

“Sayaka, you’re wanted at the door!”

Today has been truly miserable for me, and so I feel like ignoring dad shouting out to me. I just want to stay curled up, under the covers, trying to forget about the wider world while I fixate on my bluish Soul Gem. I let its glow mesmerize me. It’s strange. As I look into my Soul Gem, it almost feels like I’m looking into my own soul!

At least for now, that’s less discomforting than looking into my own heart…

If you choose A for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read Section Homura Visits. Otherwise, read Section Mami and Kyouko Visit.

Section Homura Visits

Spoiler for Homura Visits:

Spoiler for Mami and Kyouko Visit:

To Be Concluded…


Well, this might be my most controversial update yet.

A couple things to keep in mind with it.

1) If you're in this section (as the VN player), it means you successfully saved Mami, but utterly failed to move Madoka into a romance with anyone. So Madoka no longer has a romantic chance.

2) The only plot alternative I could see for the rest of Madoka Is Alone is more standard Sayaka tragedy, and I felt that might be a bit overplayed.

So what I've basically decided to do is say "Madoka lost her entire harem, so now Sayaka gets one!"

Hopefully Sayaka/Kyouko fans won't be too bothered, since Sayaka/Kyouko is one of the romantic pairings that'll be offered up in the final chapter of MIA.

The final chapter of MIA will be broke into three sections, and I think it's fairly obvious what those three sections will be. Each will have its own end. If you're a Sayaka fan who likes yuri, don't miss it!

Any and all comments are welcomed. Actually, I've never been more curious to read reviews than I am now, lol.

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