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Umm...guys, this popped up in my recommended page from Youtube...

It uses the same VA's for the Anime (Kirito, Asuna, Scilica, Yui...and Suguha...wait is that Sinon I'm hearing at part 2?) from what I can discern from my very limited Japanese anime vocabulary, it seems to be an ALO Drama CD side story. A Swimsuit contest of sorts with all the SAO girls.

Could anyone be willing to grace us with their Japanese Skills and give us some summary or a translation? I am seriously happy hearing Yui and Suguha's VA's speaking for whole dialogues. O.O

The Description using Google Translate on Chrome:
"Accel World" + "Sword Art Online" drama CD Disc.1
Passion of Kirito
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka: Kirito
Haruka Tomatsu: Asuna
Ayana Taketatsu: Rifa
Kanae Ito: Yui
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