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Well I finally finished SEED.

Overall I'd say it was reasonably good. A lot of the characters were very interesting and relatable and there were some pretty emotional moments (Kira and Athrun genuinely trying to kill each other easily stood out). It took a while to get there though. The first few episodes were a real chore and it was only until Flay trying to manipulate Kira that things started to get interesting.

Unfortunately though, a lot of the content was also pretty boring and I found myself fast forwarding a lot of the time. There always seemed to be a lot of padding out, particularly by using flashbacks.

Plus some of the characters weren't great either. We see Yzak casually murder hundreds of civilians just because they were in the way and yet there were still moments where he was given scenes as if he was a genuine human being. And Lacus Clyne...well, I won't go into Lacus Clyne except that I'm glad she wasn't always in our face like Relena from Gundam Wing.

And there were certain plot developments that were a little cheesy and melodramatic ("Mu! I am the clone of your father!!!!") and the show takes the classic and annoying rotue of only truly giving us the context of the war, far too late. It was only in Ep 44 when they actually decided to show the ideologies behind both sides, rather than just informing us and layering on the character drama to make up for it.

And Kira surviving that blast was total BS.

But yeah, overall it was pretty enjoyable and quite ambitious. Not totally ambitious though. What would've been truly great is if they actually killed Kira after his fight with Athrun. I don't even recall Kira doing anything that couldn't have been fit into either Athrun or Cagali's role.

Overall: 7/10

Now onto Destiny.

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