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Some info about Kyo no Gononi (Today in Class 5-2), from Manganews:

This one-volume manga by Sakuraba Koharu portrays the fifth grade in a... different light. The chapters ran in Young Magazine, a relatively small publication, and were then released in volume form, when it gained some cult following.

What makes this manga particularly unique is not it's characters, which represent fairly run-of-the-mill manga personalities like those found in FLCL, Azumanga, and even Sister Princess--which should give you a pretty good idea of what does make this manga interesting: the perfect blend of school humor, plain ridiculousness, and raging sexual innuendo.

Ah, fifth grade like you wish you remembered it!
Genre: Seinen, Comedy

The one volume manga got scanlated by Jinmen Juushin group (the manga is not licensed), and it can be found here:
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