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Originally Posted by Tommy
So now that subbers are switching to h.264 Vitural dub is not able to open those video files. Is there a codec for VD to open those files?
Install Avisynth.

Avisynth code:

Open notepad program. Then add:

DirectShowSource("C:\location to file\filename with extention")


DirectShowSource("C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\Video Old\[Arienai_-_Conclave]_Ginban_Kaleidoscope_-_04_[H264_-_AAC][7DCB1A58].mp4")

Then: Save file /all file types/ save file as: video.avs

Now open virtualdub, and drag that video.avs file onto that virtualdub window to run the script.

Also be sure that if running ffdshow, that ffdshows' VFW codec configuration, has H.264 enabled to libavcodec within the Decoder\codecs option.
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