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Originally Posted by LeaD36 View Post
so the anime will end on a rather disappointing note it seems.
Wrong. It is THE best and perfect place to end Season 1, wrapping up everything in high note and leaves you wanting for more.

Originally Posted by yu3 View Post
Oh! Now you got my curiousness level up.. Was there any website right now were I can read those vol? English though. I really want to read it so bad..
Baka-Tsuki... with only 5 chapters of Vol.1 availible... ( =___= )

Originally Posted by yu3 View Post
The anime only focus at the 4 vol right. But I'm really interest at Chihiro and Shino story. Umm.. Can you spoil some story about this two? Hehehe.. I don't want to browse the whole thread just for that. hehehe.. Sorry about this.. ^_^
Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
I too am curious about what kind of couple are they.
Sorry I had to take some time finish reading Step Time
They haven't really officially become couples yet. But by the end of Step Time, Shino started developing a crush on Chihiro. If I had to describe their relationship, it's kinda like a reluctant Tsundere (Chihiro) being constantly nagged by a Cute Puppy (Shino) who tends to accidentally and unconsciously tease/insult him

... and finally, damn you Anda for YET ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER in Step Time ARRGGGHH *Head desk*
As if the one in Yume Random isn't already enough.

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