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Roflmao. This show has actually gone to being too realistic in its politics for its own good. Not once in their political meeting at the start of the episode did they discuss actual policies as a way of getting swing votes. Just his image...

Though I'm not sure how they managed to conclude that all of Oojima's 600 votes are Iron votes. If most of them just voted for shits and giggles then it stands to reason that they'd be the least reliable for votes. They're far more likely to just not vote at all.

Other than that it was mostly boring. The character drama is way too push button to get emotionally invested in. And I've never liked the comedy so it has none of the charm that other shows like Tari Tari pull off so easily. Well to be fair, I did lol at the "Looks like you're ready to go" line.

At least Oojima's interactions with Shinonome are entertaining. I mean when it goes beyond the name jokes.

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