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Cutting Render using Quick Mask

OK.. this is how I cut my render .. I use PS CS2 so I dont know if this tool is available for lower version PS :/

OK let start ... We gonna use this image

Now close the spoiler and stop oogling her .. we gonna get up close and personal with her soon

Reset your brush to use the default brush make sure the opacity of the brush is 100% too.. Press D to get the default Black/White default foreground/background color.

So just brush over her to cover her up .. like this

Now this is what I say we gonna get up close and personal.. Press X to switch the foreground and background .. using white now right, now brush over the part you dont want .. white is the delete option for quick mask .. so just go over the outer rim.. leaving the hard part (like her hair) for later ..

Once you satisfied with your quickmask .. like this

End Result ..

That wasnt so hard eh Feel free to ask for more explaination if you want I see if I can confuse you more

Disclaimer: I like to claim Tamaki for myself .. but I think most people would object .. so I just lay claim to this tutorial by myself.. I've learn this from a tutorial from another forum, but I wrtite this one based on my experience .. and the tip is my own style.. dont know if other people use this tactic as well . No doubt that some people love pen tool to cut out but I cant get a handle on using pen tool unfortunately .. and I think this one is easier since I can delete and add a portion I want easily .. Still its up to you which is better/ easier .. I'm just showing an alternate option beside pentool and... eraser tool

Well. I'm tired now so cya ..

Want me to do multicolor tut?
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