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Originally Posted by sanghyun1990
Dullindal might have been right, look at all the weapons genesis, requeim, and ms. Look at how many people died in both wars, not only that a war between ZAFT and EA started two years after their first war. Also natural still hate coordinator. I think if this keep going on billions of people will die. So Dullindal might have been correct.
Correct about "what'?

That humans are stupid? That's the conclusion Rau came up with too. So what?

Billions of people have died in wars in the past, and billions of people will still die in wars with the Destiny Plan.

What people STILL don't get, after I argued about it for a whole year, is that Destiny Plan doesn't grant peace at all.

Picking ideal jobs and taking people's choices away doesn't stop arguments, or inequality, or bad luck and unfairness.

The only part of Destiny Plan that keeps peace is the secret police, the armies, and the WMDs that kills whoever who opposes Destiny Plan. The plan itself is mere window-dressing, and has no power over making peace. It's the absolute control and threat of genocide that holds the world in a death-grip.

Gilbert doesn't NEED destiny plan. If I have an army and TWO space-based nation-evaporating WMDs, and made myself emperor of the world, I will stop wars too. Wars can't happen for as long as there is only one government in the world. THAT's the truth of Destiny-Plan's power to keep peace. World-unification.

Otherwise, why can't Gilbert just mark out "Destiny Plan" zones, and allow people to decide if they want to be a part of the plan or not?

If the plan is so great, and so positive, won't it be obvious that people will vote to have Destiny Plan implemented in their own country once they see how prosperous PLANT is under the plan? If the plan woks under its own merits, then it will work without a need to making a single empire. If Destiny Plan DOESN'T work unless everyone is under its thumb, then it proves that wars were stopped purely because there are no other nations to fight against.
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