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Originally Posted by ronelm2000 View Post
Honestly, I think that the posts regarding how SAO is fair should be placed here and not in the Episode threads. -_- sometimes they're quite repetitive...
SAO as an MMORPG game could definitely be categorized as one of the fairer ones. But as a death-game, well, it really doesn't matter whether it's fair or not. Russian Roulette is fair that each player has equal chance to live or to die (assuming a perfectly random re-roll of the gun after each player and the game continues with new bullets even if a player is dead).

Basically even if it was originally a game with the fairest rules in all universe, the moment it becomes a death game then all that fairness lost their meaning. Is it possible to survive a perfect Russian Roulette like the one above? Very possible, but that possibility isn't gonna be any comfort if you have a huge gaping hole in your head.

At the very least though, even in SAO's case as a death game, I think it is "unfair" in the sense that it traps its participant there against their will. If everyone was given the knowledge of the death game beforehand and still plays it anyways and died as a result, they have no one but themselves to blame.

Personally, the problematic notion that I have with calling SAO in its current entirety as "fair" is that it implies the innocent victims who died as legitimate "losers", as inevitably exist in any fair game. And I can't sit really well with that.
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