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Hi. I attended an anime convention last Saturday (Sept. 15). Best of Anime 2012, held at SMX Convention Center, function rooms 4 and 5. It's a really far place for me to go, and arrived there approximately 3 in the afternoon.

Cosplayers with number tags mean they will participate in the competition that will be held later in the afternoon.

Victorique (from Gosick anime) - her cosplay is quite detailed.

Madoka Kaname cosplay - got lucky that I saw her at the entrance.


The 12th (from Mirai Nikki) - unfortunately, the flash of my camera was turned on, and the resulting pic is dark. The cosplayer is a slender person, and his / her costume is well made.

Nine tailed fox? - don't know from which anime, but her cosplay is good.

Her name is Charlyn. The first pic is before she put on the wig. She also did a Sailormoon cosplay at Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp (an anime convention held last July 29).


Saw this guy at a previous convention as well.

Zoids cosplay - this a really large costume, and it won 3rd place at the tournament. When claiming the prize, he only brought the head with him on stage.


Dark Magician Girl

Black Rock Shooter and her friend.


ALODIA - acquiring this pic is what I consider one of my achievements in a convention. She's a really famous cosplayer here in my country, and this time I manage to get near enough to get a good pic! Funny, a camera was suddenly pressed to my shoulder from behind - turns out the woman behind me is asking to use her digicam to get Alodia's pic as well. I managed to get two pics of Alodia for the woman behind me, because my position is good. /job well done

Saw her at Toycon (an anime convention last year at Megatrade Hall). Cosplaying can be started at a young age.

She has 2 companions who wears the same outfit. I accidentally stepped on one of them to whom I immediately apologized (she's behind me, and I stepped back without looking if someone is behind).

No convention is complete without someone in a maid outfit.

Take home some souvenirs?

. . .

. .

This shop sells glowsticks, fortune cookies, and other nice stuffs. I bought two cookies.

. .

There's something for the Gundam fans too.

. . . .

Drawing contest.

. .

Japan Foundation - they have an area at the convention. Giving out some flyers, in case you want to learn Japanese. Even have a precure poster at one part of their booth.

. .

UP AME - they're inviting people to the anime convention that they will do on February next year.

Maid Cafe - yes, they serve real food.

Can you eat all of this Pocky?

Night time

Ok, there are still plenty of cosplayers in the evening.


One more Black Rock Shooter cosplayer

Robot - yes, he / she has real light bulbs.

Of course, there's some music to keep people entertained.
If anyone here is a fan of Uchuu Sentai Noiz, they're one of those who performed. I managed to record a part of the performance on video.


Almost time to go home..

Girls from Shuffle! anime.

. .

Her name is Novelle Anne. And a funny coincidence that I met her at BoA 2011. Remembered her because of the exact same pose she did last year.

Some more cosplayers inside the function room and in the hallways.

. .

One regret.

I saw someone dressed in a nice Tomomi Itano (from AKB0048) cosplay during the evening. She's sitting at a chair, and I thought it would be rude to disturb her for a picture since she's watching a performance on stage. I went to the stalls to haggle at the store selling Madoka figurine (succesfully able to reduce the price). When I came back to the chairs, Tomomi-san is gone! Not able to see her anymore. I should have just waited for her to stand instead of going somewhere else!

Have little money, so I was only able to buy two items. A white bear wallet and Madoka-san.


Went home at past 11 pm. The streets are dark, and I'm alone. Honestly, I was terrified at the thought that I might get mugged - which fortunately didn't happen. Maybe goddess Madoka watched over me?

Well, that's all to my report. I hope people didn't get bored in reading it.

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