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hey, i like kyouraku's shikai! i thought it suits him perfectly. he does have a child-like side to him, he loves pranks, he loves to joke around, he's immature and irresponsible even. and yet he is one of the deadliest and most powerful shinigami in soul society, perhaps the most powerful one besides yamaji. we still haven't seen urahara's bankai though, it might even be more ridiculous than kyouraku's shikai.
i like it too and i really like his character as well. he's one of my favorites. i just dont think that his shikai (let alone whatever his bankai does since that's apparently too crazy to use with allies around) fits in the normal realm of zanpakutou powers in that it changes the form of his body to a shadow. not impossible in the bleachverse of course, like mayuri melting down vs ishida for instance, but when it comes to zanpakutou's they dont ever change the user's body like that (unless i'm forgetting someone...). but yea, i do like it
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