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Originally Posted by mike211 View Post
After watching the last eps, it seem like Akatsuki's could travel back to Alezard fairly easy, is it also because of the power he gain from Zehard?
No, it's because when an object from Alezard gets transported to Akatsuki's world it causes a dimensional rift between the two worlds (that object being Myuu), they are merely going to pass through that rift to return to Alezard using Myuu as the initiator because Akatsuki's world would treat Myuu as a foreign object and repulses her existence in this world while Alezard itself is the opposite and would attract Myuu, so sort of like a magnet. Although in absolute terms only the foreign object is able to pass through the rift to return to its place of origin, in this case a loophole is found by using Akatsuki's Renkankekikou he is able to channel Myuu's ki to everyone else so everyone becomes part of Myuu and thus can go through the rift. It's the same trick Akatsuki used to bring Myuu into his world in the first place (ie Myuu wasn't supposed to be able to pass through the gate, but Akatsuki channelled his ki into Myuu so the gate treats her as part of Akatsuki).

and didn't he already had a Absolute Barrier skill?
Nope, before he was merely using a ki barrier. If you are talking about the ranking test he was merely exerting his pressure to over power Haruka and others that he was able to just blow away their magic. In general him (and other humans whom is able to past through to the other world more than once) is WAY more powerful than your normal A Class students that if he was to go just a bit serious he would kill them in one hit. Oh and if you wonder why they seemed to have done well against Phil - Phil was just screwing with them cause he likes to see his opponents fall into absolute despair by giving them false hope (aka Bane from Dark Knight Rises lol).
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