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Infinite Stratos - Unsung War of the Shattered Skies

Independent States Air Force (ISAF) (Pun intended)
118th Tactical Squadron "Mobius"
Ichika (Mobius 1) = F-4E Phantom II -> F-15J Eagle -> F-22 Raptor -> F-15SE Silent Eagle

42nd Experimental Squadron "Hanagumi"
Maya (Asagao) = F-16C Falcon -> F-16 Block 60 -> F-35 Lightning II
Madoka = MiG-23 Flogger -> Su-27 Flanker -> Su-37 Terminator
Houki (Tsubaki) = F-5 Tiger II -> ADF-01A Falken -> F-22 Raptor
Ran (Hinagiku) = F-5 Tiger II -> F-20 Tigershark

AWACS Sky Eye (Allies) = E-2 Hawkeye
Utsuho (Captain-Pilot)
Shizune (Copilot)
Kanzashi (Mission Control)
Honne (Engineer)
Kiyoka (Information Center)

Independent States Navy (ISN) (Allies)
Chifuyu (Cipher) = F-18E Super Hornet
Tatenashi = Su-33 Flanker-D
Iris =
Tina =
Navy Redshirt = F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Hornets & Variants, or MiG-29K

United Erusia Force
Cecilia = Eurofighter Typhoon -> X-02 Wyvern
Charlotte = Mirage 2000-5 -> Rafale
Chelsea = Mirage 2000-5 -> Eurofighter Typhoon
Natasha = XFA-27 Limited production Type
Lingyin = JF-17 Xiaolong -> J-10 Vanguard -> J-20 Prototype

Grunder Industry, North Osea
72nd Test Flight Aggressor "Schwarzer Hase"
Laura = Tornado IDS -> ADFX-02 Morgan
Clarissa = Tornado ADV-> JAS-39 Gripen

Osea Maritime Defense Force, 3rd Fleet

Air Command Squadron "Razgriz"
Dan (Blaze) = F-5 Tiger II -> ASF-14 Attack Super Tomcat
Kei (Edge) = F-5 Tiger II
Davenport (Chopper) = F-5 Tiger II
Grimm (Archer) = F-5 Tiger II

108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog"
Bartlett (Heartbreak One) = F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel -> F-4K-2000 Super Phantom II
Snow (Swordsman) =F-14A Tomcat -> F-14D Super Tomcat

Caledfwlch Mercenary Task Force
Larry (Pixy) =F-15S/MTD Eagle
Kazuma (Writer) = F-2 Viper Zero -> ADA-01 ADLER
Aiko (Autumn) = ADFX-01 Morgan
Mercenary Redshirts (+) = F-16 or MIG-29 Fulcrum and variants


Strangereal, a world where nuclear weapon exist as the biggest piece of terror in warfare so much that those used it will face self-annihilation, a world here technology develops twenty decades ahead of ours, a world where air power dominates everything... except the giant superweapons (mostly)...

In a world where female pilot can turn into a demon and conquer the sky.

Enter Second Lieutenant Ichika Orimura, a nuggets freshly out of military Academy and once survivor of Belkan war, slowly losing all of his comrades as Erusea expanded their military swiftly, he stranded in a quirky unit composed of what's left from his country's military force, as the first surviving Rookie Ace of IS Air Force, and become a living legend since Demon Lord.

On the other side, Dan Gotanda was kicked upstair as Squadron leader after a series of mishap, with his own quirky wingmen, he rise as Osea's greatest hero and their enemy's greatest bane.
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