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Originally Posted by blackwhite67 View Post
Why was Gouki even near AKatsuki's house?
He wasn't. Myuu and Listy got lost trying to find their way home without Akatsuki, Myuu had a mobile phone but wasn't sure how to use it and Listy is new to the world so she has no idea either.

Who was that woman that seemed to be Micheal's secretary in the illustration
His secretary.

and why did Cecil meet with Michael? What did they talk about?
Michael went to Japan to stop Hikami, investigate the Japanese government's involvement with Japan Babel as well as to retrieve the Phoenix Cell. Since Tiana and Onizuka had the Phoenix Cell so both of them tracked Tiana and met. Cecil let Michael capture Tiana and Onizuka because Tiana and Onizuka were both badly injured and she knew that Michael would not only not harm them but would save them due to him needing the info of the Phoenix Cell, and it was much better than them getting into a prolonged battle.

There is also an illustration where Cecil rides Sleipnir with Akatsuki in some sort of chase. What was that about?
From a previous post:
Their chat got interrupted when a third party (agents whom were trying to recover the Phoenix Cell) burst into the scene which led to Akatsuki taking Cecil on a chase on Sleipnir.

Why did Akatsuki's armor generated by his AD changed when he returned to Arezard?
It wasn't generated by his AD - he bought the armour from a vintage shop. He specifically picked one that would make him look evil and maou-like as he was representing the Mazoku, also because as usual he is taking on the "bad guy" role. Also remember that armour is pretty irrelevant to Akatsuki due to his abilities, so it was more of a symbol than anything.

On a similar note, did Myuu's armor change to the one shown in the ED of the anime?
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