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OK .. here's a simple sig with the BG are made with filters .. Once you are done you get something like this ...
. This was done with *nearly* similar technique ..

I'll be using this particular image to start with

make a new sig document .. mine would be 375 x 120 .. copy your image to the new document and resize them

Duplicate the image and bring the original on top and hide it (click the eye next to the layer in the layer window)

Now go to filter->blur->motion blur .. Select angle as 45 and distance as you feel like it ... Duplicate the layer and move them around so the cover the whole document ... Now, merge all visible layer (Ctrl+Shift+E) .

Go to filter->brush strokes->accented edges and play with the option a bit and you get something like this

Unhide the original image and duplicate it .. move the original on top and then click on the duplicate layer in the layer window . you be smudging the duplicate NOT the original ... the smudge tool is here

Select a good brush size then smudge the layer outward .. moving from the image to away from it ... urm ... would you understand it with picture instead?

Nearly done .. duplicate the original image once again. on duplicate layer go to filter->blur->gaussian blur. Select a low radius [ 0.8 - 1.5] work best ... then the layer blending mode set to softlight

And all that left is a border and your name ... Final result different fdrom the top one eh? Why you might asked? Because I use the accented edge filter in step (4) .. see the different? You can change one filter there and get a very different result

So there .. a simple BG using filters and smudge tool.. Dont be afraid to experiment with different filter.. you might have a very beautiful combination.

As always... I made no attempt to protect this tutorial from thief .. but dont let me caught you promoting this tutorial on other site as your own .. Shame on you if you steal this one .. Hope you understand this one ^-^ ..Ask away if you wish
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