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But it's a girls show...

So I was talking to a guy in a strategy game and it comes up that he really likes dark shows. I do too so we get to talking and so of course I recommend to him that he watch Madoka Magica and here is a rough transcript of what followed (other guy was named Lucci, which is how i figured out he was into anime so I've preserved his name):

Me: It really is the Evangelion of magical girl shows...

Lucci: Uh huh, maybe I will watch it after I finish Gintama...

Me: somehow i don't believe you...

Lucci: Well I dunno if i'll watch it it's a girls show.

Me: ...but it's really dark and intense. I promise it's awesome.

Lucci: Yeah, I know I read a review.

Me: But you don't believe me.

Lucci: I just don't really like girls shows

Me: You said you like Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero, this is by the same writer...

Lucci: Really?

Me: Yes.

Lucci: But it's a totally different kind of show.

Me: There's a lot of similarities...

Lucci: But it's a girls show

Me: I promise you, it's one of the best anime ever. It's free on crunchyroll.

Lucci: Thank for the rec, but I don't like girls shows.

At this point I was about to slit my wrists in frustration. What else can you say to someone like this?
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