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Originally Posted by AnimeFan188 View Post
Is lightspeed really a limit?:

"We donít (yet) have any way to test this, but University of Adelaide applied
mathematicians are suggesting that an extended version of Einsteinís Theory of
Special Relativity also holds true for velocities beyond lightspeed.
Sorry for the late comment, my take on this. imo BOTH are correct, speed of light CANNOT be attained by particles with mass (because attaining infinite mass would mean you have all the mass in the universe) and speeds highers than light CAN be attained. It might contradict common sense, but if you think for a moment ice can change into vapor without through the liquid state (look for "sublimation"). The comment in the article about mass going near zero as speed goes near infinity might mean that there might be some way to reduce the strength of the higgs boson (the so called "god particle") as to lower the atomic mass while at the same instant attaining higher than light speeds. Of course this is purely theoretical, but isn't it fun? To think there might be particles in the universe we cannot see because they are traveling faster than light, maybe it is the so called dark matter which calculations say it is out there but we cannot see.
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