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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
The thing is,I think people are taking the shortcut "only what Shiina wants matters" because in both options there's people that would benefit from her talents,the manga world could lose a great mangaka if she goes back to painting full time.
That's probably part of it, yeah.

I know you brought up Michael Jordan earlier,but who's to say she can't be a Bo Jackson and be great at both.
Well, Sorata was clearly more impressed by Shiina's painting than by Shiina's manga (which he has read, after all). He doesn't strike me as a lover of paintings in general or as a lover of manga in general, so he strikes me as a relatively objective voice here.

Now, maybe Shiina can become just as good a mangaka as she can a painter. If so, this entire debate basically becomes moot.

But given what the characters know and can evaluate now, I don't think that Rita or Sorata are taking unreasonable positions. They might be wrong, sure, but I don't think they're horrible people for giving their honest assessment of Shiina's painting vs. Shiina's manga, and voicing opinions based on that. And I don't think that either are completely forgetting Shiina's own happiness here. Perhaps they're not weighing it heavily enough, but as Haak rightly points out, a big part of the problem is that Shiina leaves a lot to guesswork.

For example, did Shiina push Rita out the door because she didn't want to go back to painting, or because she didn't want to go back to London, or both? All three are very real possibilities.

It would be rather funny if we learn next episode that Rita was calling Sorata "Stupid Sorata" just because she felt hurt at Sorata being so willing to have her leave him and go back to London.

We should keep in mind that Shiina painted not once, but twice, in this episode. That doesn't strike me as a person who has completely lost a fondness for painting.

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Unless you're a masochist you will naturally gravitate to what you want.
I agree. Which I would argue is precisely why altruism is something that needs to be encouraged, because it doesn't come as naturally as self-interest does.

I raised the JFK quote not because I think it's absolutely right in every instance, but just because such quotes are important reminders of how it's important to think altruistically at least some times.

So I don't want Shiina to put the masses ahead of her own desires, but simply for the masses to be a consideration.

My general thinking is that when you're facing a major decision in life it's good to think about the pros and cons of each possible decision. My thinking is "How will my decision affect others?" should come up somewhere in those pros/cons. That's all. The decisive factor could still be "I'd rather do manga because I've come to love verbalized storytelling. I find that greatly more rewarding than the merely implied storytelling of painting."

If so, fine.
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