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Hi. Yesterday I attended the Animax Carnival anime convention, held at Robinsons Manila. Got there at around 11 in the morning and stayed until a little past 4 pm in the afternoon. I stopped getting information about the convention after learning that admission is free, which is a mistake. There are vouchers, available for online purchase that people can choose to buy. Vouchers are needed to access some of the games there. Well, the Animax staff did allow people without vouchers to enter and look at things, and that's good enough for me.

Without further delay, here are the cosplays I've seen at the convention.

Rina with a cute Shinku cosplay.

. .

Sharmaine Arrojo doing a Sen Tokugawa cosplay. A cosplayer who's present in many conventions I've attended, she's quite professional on doing this hobby.


My friend Anjeline with a Yui Hirasawa cosplay. ",)
She did a female version of Vincent on a previous convention.

. . .

I seem to recall seeing her selling doujinshi at Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp, but not sure..

Georj Mamaril doing a Grand Archer Rena (Elsworld) cosplay. This is certainly one of the best costumes I've seen yesterday.


Gundam cosplay.

Shaider cosplay, this was once a famous afternoon show years ago here in my country.

Onchin and Cat with Haruhi cosplay. They joined a contest, and sang something nice on stage during Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp (an anime convention held a few months ago in another mall).

Going in to Animax area..

Friendly cosplayer at the entrance. She stamps "ANIMAX" on your wrist once you enter the area.



Want to buy some?

They're also doing anime dubbing sessions, ring throwing + other games in the area. Not much else to do inside because I have no voucher, so I went out again to take pics of cosplayers in the hallway.

Cute. She looks a little like the poster of Yuko Oshima that I bought at Pop Culture Fair.


There are guy cosplayers too of course.

. .

One Piece


. . .


. .

Yoshino from Marimite

Don't know which anime, but she's cute so I took pic.

Kirarin Revolution

Toradora. The cosplayer here reminds of Takamina from AKB0048, becuse she's so small (and cute).




Reimu Hakurei

Some more cosplayers


Galaxy Angel

. .

Rozen Maiden. There's surprisingly a lot of RM cosplayers yesterday.

. .

Santa girl. She gave me a small stuff toy, but I felt shy to take it, so I accepted the candies instead. When I asked why she's giving things away, she said she just felt like doing it. She seems like a really nice person.

Asa Shigure

A lot of people are taking pics of her.

Kagami from Lucky Star


Some of the younger cosplayers I saw that day


Kuroneko, the tallest Kuroneko-chan cosplayer I've seen. ^^

Madoka Kaname, her mom is also a cosplayer. /it's true

Girl with Teddy, she has a good smile.

Taiga holding a palmtop tiger.

From Vocaloid?

Archbishop from Ragnarok Online.

The owner said she's doing an original cosplay, did not copy from an anime.


I meet Kagami one more time.

Saber from Fate /stay night

I meet teddy bear girl again, with her nice smile.

Saber cosplay by LeeDaine.


And some more cosplayers. There's really a lot of people who attended this event.

. .

Miku and a maid

Looks like she's praying. Just kidding ok. ^^
Batteries ran out, it's fortunate that she's nice and waited until I was able to reload fresh batteries.

AKB0048. Acchan loves anime addicts.


And some more.


K-On! The entire light music club is here.

Sango and Kagome


And some more cosplayers.

. .

Her companions fixed her hair a bit before she started posing for pics.


More Miku Hatsune


Animax banner



The one on the left is from Blazblue, but I don't know the one on the right.

Some more K-On! cosplayers

Sadly, it's time to go home..

Some last pics.

Shugo Chara cosplay and a Miku.


And Taiga-chan is my last pic for the day. I asked first if it's ok, since she seems busy buying bread. But she said it's ok. Told her that she's my last pic for the day. And she gave a good smile.

Ok, that's it. I wasn't able to play any of the Animax games. But the day is still a lot of fun because a lot of cosplayers are present, and my friends are there as well. Thanks for reading.

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