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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Looks like some people got their BD/DVD volume 1 early...

Water War screencap stitches
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Miho looks cute in pink! Thanks for sharing.

On episode 10:

So the final match is being started. Looking at all the heavy tanks of Black Forest, it seems Oorai is even more at a disadvantage now than in their match with Pravda.

Oorai team does have one Tiger on their side. But it's a prototype with a lot of mechanical problems. Good thing it's the mechanic team that will drive it. They might be able to perform some minor fixes on it at the battlefield, assuming they can hide their tank while they fix it.

Surprised at how much the PZ IV has been upgraded, it looks like a very strong tank now.

Miho meets and is thanked by the person she saved from drowning. This makes me wonder.. since the people she saved seem to be participating.. could there be a slim chance that these people would help Oorai some way in the match? Miss on purpose, get in the way so the Oorai tanks don't take a hit? With the odds very much against them, Oorai team need all the held they can get.

And lastly, Katyusha isn't a bad person after all, offering a handshake to Miho like that. Still a little arrogant when she talks, but looks like she now has respect for Oorai after the match. "Operation Bagration" on a german themed team like Black Forest sounds fitting.

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