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Alright guys, here you go:

Yuiichi's Brush Background Tutorial:

Made with: Photoshop

For now, I won't include any pictures. I might update in a few hours with some

What you want to start off with is: An image without a background and a canvas big enough for your background.

Note: my sigs are usually 370x160, just to give you a background size idea.

To get your image to have no background, refer to this or this tutorial by KiNa and Dragonwingz.

Reminder: Before you start, make sure that you have 3 layers: one for the background, one for brushing, and one for the character.

EDIT! KiNa reminded me! You should have 3 layers. For the background, you probably want a colour that matches your character (such as a midtone hair colour). The brushing layer goes on top of this one and blends nicely if you use the hair colours.

What I do first is select the Brush tool, and then select the brush I want from the drop down menu. The brush I choose is going to also be part of the brush set I will use for the entire sig. For colour, select the lightest colour in the characters hair. In sigs, hair is usually one thing that always is there, so you'll never have problems with colour scheme.

Now, just experiment with those brushes! Go wild! BUT, don't over do it yet.

Once you are satisfied with your result from that colour and brush, try out another brush with that colour. If the background seems a bit boring, never fear! Get a new colour (a darker one from the characters hair) and give it a whir.

My key is: never use too much of one colour and brush. It's usually one or two clicks per brush with one colour, and then I either switch brushes or colours.

Thats all there is to it! For more varried results, try different brush sets together - sometimes you'll come up with nice results!

Experiment. Thats what brushing is all about!

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