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December really has a lot of anime conventions here in my country. Attended Ozine Fest last Dec.29. It's a surprisingly cramped day 2, but still had fun despite the minor discomfort. Arrived at the place at approximately 1 pm, and left at around 5:30 pm.

Alright without any further delay. here are the pics.

First one is my good friend Anjeline cosplaying as Akiko Himenokōji from Onichan Dakedo. She also cosplayed Yui Hirasawa in previous conventions.

. . . .

Sharmaine Arrojo, she cosplayed Sen Tokugawa in the last convention. This time she's doing something different. She's the first that I encountered among the people that I know. Actually, she's the one who saw me - did not recognize her because of the wig and new costume, replied to her "do I know you?" Good thing she didn't get mad. @_@

. .

Bea cosplaying as Haruka Nanami from Uta no Prince Sama.
She's a nice person who helped me with convention schedules in the past.

Akire Violan, cute maid who works in the Ozine Maid Cafe. The cafe is quite busy when I entered, but she does her work well. We had a good laugh talking about Chuunibyou.


Georgie Mamaril with her Grand Archer Rena cosplay.


Rain doing a cosplay of Victorique. She's a cosplayer that I often encounter, when the convention is held in Megamall. Giving a nice smile while holding her book this time.


Raechanelle cosplaying as Ririchiyo Shirakiin (school uniform version).

Ayah Ramos cosplaying as Asuna from Sword Art Online.
There are many Asuna cosplayers that day, and she's one of the good ones.


Sipi cosplaying a character from Vocaloid.

Laica cosplaying as Strength. The arms are well made, in my opinion.

YUKI JIN SHIN with her maid cosplay.
No convention is complete without someone in maid outfit.

. .

Marinela Obar cosplaying as female Mario.

Helen and Hanielyn. Wasn't able to ask what they're cosplaying (or if asked, I forgot, sorry ). I think their cosplays are good though.

Cristel with her RAVE cosplay. She's cosplaying Ellie.

Krishna and Kenneth. Who is the trap? Can you see?

Erika and Paul. I saw them during the evening. Still clearly have the energy to pose and smile for the cam eventhough we're all already tired.


Beru Kashiragu cosplaying as.. sorry, I forgot. She's one of the last person I took pic of.
Will probably edit this later when I get to talk to her in the next few days.


Ozine Fest is mostly crowded during the day.. you'll understand the suffering if you were there 1 to 5 pm.

Could not explore much inside the hall because of the crowd. So I just took as many cosplayer pics as I can the whole day. It's sort of a blessing that people are still nice and smiling even with the crowded situation.

Maid cosplay. She's the first pic I took inside the megatrade hall area.
Went back outside right away, because the people are piling up inside.

Saw a CC cosplayer and two of her friends outside.
These three cosplayers stayed till evening.

. .

Nanoha Takamachi. She's also one of the cosplayers who stayed almost all day.


Don't know the character, but cute so I took pic.

Lacus Clyne

One Piece

And some more cosplayers. There's really a lot of people who attended day 2.


Utau Hoshina from Shugo Chara

Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts

Went back inside the megatrade hall, and saw someone familiar. She seems to be the same person I saw doing a Jill Valentine cosplay during Cosmania. She's cosplaying as someone else this time though.


Still crowded so I went out again. Saw a maid on the way out.

Taiga in her tsundere mode.

Bunny girls promoting their facebook fan page.

Fairy Tail

Shirakiin Ririchiyo cosplay. Thought she's a cosplayer I know, but turned out she's a different person. I apologized for the mistake.

And some more cosplayers.

. . .

Kukuri from K-Project

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The world god only knows)

Sakura and Sasuke


Told me that she's the neko that she's holding.

Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum



Black Gold Saw

Zoids, I remember seeing this cosplayer either in BoA 2012 or Cosmania and he won a prize in the cosplay competition.

And some more cosplayers

. . .

He shouted a line from a sentai show when I took pic of him.

Female Naruto

Ciel Phantomhive.

Not sure, but I think she's carrying a bag for the Ciel cosplayer.

Two maids are better than one.

Looks like the school uniform in Vampire Knight

First time cosplaying.


Cosplayers resting near the elevator.


She has a nice hat.

Remilia Scarlet. Small cosplayers look good when cosplaying her.


More Vocaloid

Quite sure that she's the same Madoka I saw at Animax convention. So cute.

And some more pics before going home. These two are part of a group of four cosplayers wearing similar clothes.
Unfortunately, already too tired to ask them what they're cosplaying.


Last pic for the day, and she's cute.

Goodbye Ozine Fest 2012. Hoping to come back again next year.

In Toycon I have plenty of souvenir, this time I went home carrying only the ticket as souvenir. Was not able to buy anything because it's so crowded. Anyway, the day is still a lot of fun because I saw a lot of people that I know.

Thanks for reading.

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