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-{A1}- [Best Storyline & Plot] Tsuritama, Fate/Zero
-{A2}- [Best Visuals & Animation]F/Z, Tsuritama, K

-{B0}- [Best Action-Adventure] Fate/Zero
-{B1}- [Best Fantasy] Humanity Has Declined
-{B2}- [Best Science Fiction]N/A...the only scifi I've seen this year is Psycho Pass and that's still next year?
-{B3}- [Best Horror]N/A...I started to watch Another, but got spoiled by the ending.
-{B4}- [Best Mystery]K,
{B5}- [Best Drama]Kids on the Slope
-{B6}- [Best Romance]Tonari, Kamasama Hajimeshita
-{B7}- [Best Comedy]Kamisama Hajimeshita, Wooser no Higurashi.
-{B8}- [Best Slice of Life]Tsuritama
-{B9}- [Best Sports]Not a fan of sports anime

-{C1}- [Best TV Series]'s pretty original and it's great to look at too.
-{C2}- [Best OVA]Didn't see any
-{C3}- [Best Movie]Nothing current...

-{D1}- [Best Female Lead]Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates. THe show was a disappointment, but I like seeing a strong female character that doesn't need rescuing all the time.

-{D2}- [Best Male Lead]Kurou from K

Runner ups:The Yokai Trio of Tomoe, Kurama and Mizuki from Kamisama..

-{D3}- [Best Antagonist]The Alien organization that Akira belonged to in Tsuritama. They funny...

-{D4}- [Best Side-Character]Nanami from My Little Monster. Someone give her a spinoff! Runnersup: Tengu-san and Snake God from Kamisama Hajimeshita

-{D5}- [Best World Setting]Tsuritama, K, Kids on the Slope
-{D6}- [Best Credits Theme]Kamisama Hajimeshita. Damn that song hasn't left my head...
-{D7}- [Best Soundtrack]Kids, because it's Yoko f**king Kanno. And Jazz.

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