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To comment about GE999. The project has been seriously been waylaid by the fact Tofusensei has been very inactive of late. Episode 8 has been translated since last April though we've been kind of stuck because Tofusensei is the one who is in possession of the DVD's.

Unfortunately due to real life issues and his love of CLAMP/Maaya Sakamoto he's not done much apart from speed subbing Tsubasa with DB since last April. We've constrantly bugged him to do something about GE999 but to avail.

However I finally bit the bullet at the back end of December and I'm now in possesion of Galaxy Express 999 Boxes 1 - 3 so we're not restricted by the fact our awol translator is the only one in possesion of a raw source. Control of GE999 has been taken out of Tofusensei's hands and passed to the crew who work on Captain Harlock. While I can't promise releases which are on a weekly basis I can promise that efforts are being made to get the show out.

If you want to help the Harlock crew out in any way shape or form with GE999 be it timing / translating or are an experienced typesetter and what not, please introduce yourself in #live-evil on so we can finally get this series moving.


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(Now the other one apart from Tofusensei who owns GE999 DVD's)
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