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Originally Posted by Mr Coin View Post
Yes! Yes! Yes! Another story with more battles and less over-rated and over-written romance stories of you know who are they couples!

Is this taken from the last Chapter of Kaiser's Divine Grimiore and I feel the Mecha and Magic battles are going to be awesome.

But there is still something off, it could be that this chapter is lacking an expression of doom. I can feel the dread that the characters are experiencing with their helplessness but the experience and portrayal of an upcoming Armageddon is not completely told.

I'll just have to wait for the upcoming chapter.

Spoiler for Spoiler:
Thanks for the interest, been a while since I've written anything Nanoha.

I don't know what Kaiser's Divine Grimoire is, though.

As for your question


Speaking of which. I've been without net for a few days due to skiing vacation and gotten more stuff written.

Part I
Part II

Spoiler for The Unforgiving III:

Unforgiving IV "Ignite" coming in a few days.

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