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Spoiler for Thoughts:
Berculi certainly tried. They had less time than expected, not even a full year, but they got some people trained.
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sorry to bother you all, i have searched this thread from page 157 to page 116, and i still can't find a summary of the web chapter 5 of alicization, so i wanted to ask if that summary is in here, or the summaries started from chapter 6.
WEB 5 was basically from the introduction of Ronie and Teiza to Kirito and Eugeo being taken away by Alice. This is covered by the latest Alicization LN.
Though if looked to p116, you should have seen my partial summary here:

I don't think I've posted else about that though...

Anyway, WEB 8 Pt 27 (1st half) summary is as follows:
Spoiler for Alicization WEB 8 continued:
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