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OK.. keeping my promise .. this one teach how you can color up your sig .. For this, the BG would have to be black & white to begin with .. of course using a colored one would do no harm but .. you get the point

To begin with, you need a main picture .. and a BG. Both are covered in this thread so I wont go into detail there .. we start with


Once you are satisfied with composition of the sig .. and my main image is a bit blurry there.. so I duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J) .. on the duplicate layer, Filter->Blur->Gausiann Blurr (Small radius[OK]) and change the layer blending mode to softlight.

Now, its coloring time

OK.. now the 2nd adjustment layer is totally block the main color layer from showing right? No worry, make sure that layer is selected .. go to filter->render->cloud. Happy with the result? Press Ctrl+F to reapply the cloud filter again and again and again till you get a satisfying result

OK.. so there.. we added some colors to our sig.. finalized your sig by adding some text and border it up nicely.

Done.. And a big BOOO to anyone try to steal this one as their own.
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