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Someone ten years older than you would probably say the same about the anime you watched at ten verses the anime they watched at ten.

This happens with a lot of things, especially on television. I can find people that think TV today sucks and has sucked for decades. They only like what was on when they were younger (or when they started watching TV). This has given rise to stations like TV Land which shows 1950s and 1960s television, because a large set of people think that stuff on TV after than sucks.

The real thing is that they really only remember the good programming and not the stuff that sucked back then (and there was a lot of suck in every year of television from every country).

Anime is no different. We mentally weed out the crap (or in some cases only get the relatively good stuff imported in the first place), and when we are in the present only see crap (except for maybe this one really good show on this season). But that is the thing. It is normal to have only a few good memorable shows a year with years not having a show that is worth remembering all that much. It happens with all forms of Television.

I don't watch much television anymore. Partly because I've not found anything I want to watch, but also because I spend more time on the internet for entertainment than I did a decade (or decade and a half now) ago. I don't watch a lot of anime, generally only one or two new shows a season. But there are gems I haven't watch. Not because they were bad, but just because they aren't my interests. you can have good TV that you are not interested in. That doesn't make it crap if you aren't interested. It just means you have no interest in it.
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