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First of all, I believe Sturgeon's Law greatly applies to anime as a category of entertainment. I thought so when I started watching at 10 and I think so now (20 y/o); I just always believed that most anime was garbage and that contrast made me appreciate the good shows so much more.

Now though, nearly every show shamelessly adheres to cliche plot points and archetypes.

Not only that but the poorly written protagonist that plagues nearly every anime is toxic. In good faith I can't recommend anime to anyone under the age of 16 because honestly it'd probably warp there brains. It's that bad.
You probably should stick to morning/evening-type of anime... some franchises there are very durable.

Rule of thumb: late nite anime = the ghetto block. No holds barred. Expect qualities exhibited there to be no different than viewing the latest lil Wayne or Nikka Minaj's music videos... the kinda stuff that would probably offend your sensibilities
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