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As many people pointed out, this thread has been done over and over and over in recent years, months, and even weeks and -- frankly -- it's been done much better too. Or, I could say... I generally think that most of these threads are garbage, and this one shamelessly adheres to cliche arguments and archetypes. It's that bad.

To the specific point raised by the OP:
- 10 years ago, you didn't have access to the entire unfiltered spectrum of anime airing in Japan within days of airing (chances are, you were watching the filtered selection of the "best of the best" chosen by licensors to probably appeal to your tastes).
- 10 years ago, there wasn't nearly as many anime as there are now anyway
- 10 years ago, you were probably a lot less jaded (even if you always thought that "most anime sucked").

In other words:
Originally Posted by Ichihara Asako View Post
No matter how much people say anime is declining, I've managed to find at least one very enjoyable series every season and always at least one great series every year... for at least the past decade. It's not that there's less good stuff, it's that there's more mediocre stuff. People seem to forget how much is being made now compared to a decade (or especially more) ago.

It may very well be that it's time to move on. Or at least to be a lot more picky about what you watch and not just give anything and everything a chance just because you're somehow loyal to "anime" as a medium.

Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
Maybe we should ask why so many of these threads are coming up recently - or, I may be wrong and these type of threads were always prevalent ?
They basically come up at least once or twice each anime season. I'm not sure if they're really that much more prevalent than they ever have been. There is a sort of natural attrition cycle as people get older and, no matter what the year, some people always believe that anime today is worse than ever -- more cliché, less original, less good, less appealing, and so on.

The only thing that would be interesting about compiling all the similar threads together would be to see how little the argument has changed no matter who is making it in what year.

Anyway... thread locked.
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