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Uhmm.. I'm more on the avatar part... I'm too behind with you all in making signatures... Compared to the others I'm still too inexperienced. Yup, I make avatar and signatures sometimes if I could make it... Thanks for visiting, Sempai!!!

I wish you have the Angel's lips.. As long as I don't have a pen and a tablet and an awesome PC.. I'm still far away.. I'm busy in my profession as a nurse.
Man I feel you... artist's plight... if we make the financially secure decision and get a nice secure job, then we can't find enough time to do art.

I have some ideas for you if you are thinking of ever getting a tablet though.

I don't know how cheap or easy these are to get in the Phillipines, but I know some relatively cheap and amazing tablets by Wacom.

Bamboo Splash - $79 A little small, but will work great if you don't want to spend a lot.

Bamboo Capture - $99 Basically the same as the Splash, but has touchscreen capabilities too and comes with PSE 8.

All of them have a specially made screen cover to make it feel like you're drawing on paper, which I love. You can also remove the cover if you want to draw or paint with less friction. I have used and loved all of these, and to me their few shortcomings were well worth the low price.
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