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Originally Posted by Old_Iron View Post
Hey everybody, Iron here with a status update.

Swords and Shields chapter 8 was sent to beta and subsequently put through a shredder. So now that the beta release's bugs have been found, I get to go through and fix them. And there were quite a few. Not nearly as many as in... that chapter, but let us not speak further of the abomination I attempted to call writing before Kuroi beat me over the head with it. There is also a lot of expansion I missed that needs filling, not to mention the fleshing out of certain issues and the reordering of the scenes.

So worry not, the next chapter is on its way~
Ypieee! You're back, it would be nice to see new chapter of SaS.

Well, after managing to beat some of my lazyness back I write the first part of stage 2.

Stage 1 is here, by the way.

Stage 2. Road to Camelot.

Spoiler for part1:

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