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I can't help but be underwhelmed how they simply cut so many things before and simply went their way out to the finish.
Truly a lackluster adaptation compared to Mio's arc.

Really, the main point of Haruka's route was indeed to have Haruka realized the whole point of finding one's own place in life, instead of longing for someone's else position, arguably ignoring everything that dwells from it. The problem with the adaptation is how much they have cut so far, and I guess it is time to expose what was missing in this mess (a point that would answer a question ThereminVox and others had before and right now.

Spoiler for Cut parts from Haruka's route:

What I disliked the most was how the pacing was all over the place, but also the weird music management of the episode. Particularly how Song for friends and Haruka Kanata were timed (especially the latter in the middle of Kanata's revelations, instead the moment Haruka's makes up with her).
Originally Posted by ThereminVox View Post
- I completely forgot that the kendo dude existed until the ED. Is he even playing baseball with them? Guessing he'll have his own little story at some point.
It is unfortunately the aftermath of their adaptation decisions, as they basically pushed Masato on the front (in a very flanderized fashion), and basically ignored some characters, especially Kengo.
And no, Kengo is not practicing Baseball with the LB because he has to focus on a kendo competition for his club.

Originally Posted by MogMoogle1 View Post
Ya know, that scene when Kanata changed out of her wet clothes, I noticed her arms were pretty silky smooth compared to that scene where you see her entire body full of scars. Animation inconsistencies, or just that part of her arms weren't scarred?
Anime inconsistencies.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
This coming from a person who was brutally victimized by a decidedly harsh family rings a bit hollow to me.
Unfortunately, the message was supposed to be "it is no one fault I was born unhappy" or even "I was born unhappy", because the point was that Haruka's life was up to her, and not because she was "destined to be in such misfortune". The difference is a bit subtle, and you can argue that it is still the Saigusa and Futaki fault for this huge mess, but still fundamentally important for Haruka to realize she was born for no one's sake (such like a foil for Kanata), except her own.
And, at a practical level, I don't even get what Haruka and Kanata plan to do going forward. It's like they expect that extremely controlling family to just disappear or something (they obviously won't take kindly to Haruka and Kanata being on good terms with one another). They clearly seem to be a powerful family, with their ability to withstand Dad No. 1's attempt to save Haruka and Kanata from them, and with their ability to have Haruka-smearing flyers put up all over the school. Their threat to kill Haruka may not be idle. I suppose this is one time Masato's muscles might be put to good use against an assassin.

And if this dark, abusive family aren't that powerful, why didn't Kanata leave them a long time ago to go back to her biological family rather than put up with their abuse? Was she just waiting for Dad No. 1 to get out of jail? If so, why didn't that come up?
That's a huge mistake from the anime scripters, alas.
If you don't know, I suggest you to read my summary just above regarding Haruka's family situation as of now. As for Kanata, no she didn't leave the Saigusa/Futaki household (that declaration shocked me big time, since there is no way she could do that).
Also at a practical level, why didn't Kanata briefly meet with Haruka and explain to Haruka what was going on?
Actually, that was sort of hinted by Kyousuke, but since Haruka's characterization was cut extremely short, it doesn't look obvious:
Spoiler for Reason why Kanata didn't explain to Haruka her odd behaviour:

Honestly, some of the logic and themes in this episode are very questionable, imo. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with a person wanting to know who their biological parents are.
It isn't wrong per se, but the message was actually more important: regardless who are you parent, you are "yourself". In a sense, knowing whose her real father was isn't going to change her life, and she realized that at the end.

1) The beginning of this episode has inconsistencies with the end of last episode. Why is Kanata kneeling at the start of this episode? She was already standing at the cliffhanger for last episode.

2) Torrential rains come right out of nowhere when the general mood darkens in this show, as if completely on cue.
Agree. In fact, I don't get why they did that. It seems they forgot there was about to have a rainy scene and decided to correct that in a very hasty way.
Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Kanata is an insanely good actress. At no point during her verbal lashings of Haruka did I think she was 100% faking it. I thought there might be a part of her that has sisterly affection for Haruka, and that Kanata was hiding this, but I never thought that Kanata's criticisms of Haruka were entirely fake and forced, as this episode now leads me to believe.
They didn't add any clues regarding that, unfortunately.

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
- Why did Kanata impersonate Haruka? I'm not sure what she was trying to pull here. Was she simply attempting to play the bad guy again?
For your convenience, please read #17 in the spoiler summary above.
- How come the parents were never allowed to take custody of their daughters? It's not like they had done anything wrong. Was there really no way for them to take them back? I know the Saigusa family is supposed to be powerful but they're not above all laws, are they?
The family realized that the other 2 were in "cahoots" with Shou, and even the problem is that the mother had a relationship with a "filthy" murderer-to-be guy.
It is implied that the family has political connections that would allow them to make the police "slide", or avoid complaints that they took custody of the twins.
- In relation to the above... how did Kanata manage to cut ties with the Saigusa family and go back to her parents so easily?
She never cut ties with them originally. This is an anime original statement, which does -not- make sense.

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