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Mami Lives Chapter 12
Mami Romance

“Madoka… you probably want to be sitting for this.”

That statement from Mami certainly perked up my ears, and made me eager to hear what she had to say!

If you chose A for Choice M3, read Section The Blue Knight Falls.
If you chose B for Choice M3, read Section The White Maestro Rises.

Spoiler for The Blue Knight Falls:

Spoiler for The White Maestro Rises:

I finally arrived home this Wednesday evening. So many intense images and thoughts danced about my head. Many troubling events had come and gone, but my romance with Mami was going well.

One major troubling event remained. One last hurdle had to be cleared.

That was Walpurgis Night. I hope Mami and everyone else can clear it…

To Be Continued…


Finally finished this update. I hope everybody likes it. ^_^

A few short notes...

The two brief Mami/Madoka "date" sections at the end of "The White Maestro Rises" each have a clickable link at the beginning of it. As always, that will play music from YouTube that I think is fitting for the section that follows the link.

However, an added special note here. I recently discovered a Jazz remix of Mami's Theme. I personally think it's perfect for the more... intimate Mami scenes, shall we say. So consider that standard music for all such scenes (please take note of this, Kimidori ).

I know some of the branchings are becoming confusing, so here's an easy guide:

If you chose A for Choice M3, it means you discouraged Sayaka from telling Kamijo about the world of magical girls and witches. That means the White Maestro never rose. Which means Sayaka took a nasty injury.

Choosing B for that choice is the opposite, of course. Sayaka did tell him about it, and so a passionate romance and a new Magical Human resulted from it.

If you chose A for M Opportunity Choice 3, it means that you're currently two-timing Mami. You're in a relationship with both Mami and Homura. Otherwise, you're in a relationship with Mami alone.

If you Chose A for Choice M4, it means that you stood firm by Mami during the Mami/Homura beach confrontation. You met Kyouko and played DDR with her and Mami. Otherwise, Madoka only meets Kyouko now, in this update.

That's everything I think. I look forward to reviews of it.

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