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Chinese AW Wiki translation

orpheus2 requested I translate the chinese wiki section 加速世界角色列表 (Accel World Characters and Info) Some spoilers for other characters, but for now I'll TL the NN members first, unless you guys want the other character's spoilers.

NN is the heaviest section by far. Posting Haru first. Also, the sentences appear short and blunt because it's the writing style in chinese, a few words give all the info you need. So they're direct translations, 'almost' word for word. Flow isn't my focus here.

Spoiler for Chinese Wiki Haru:

My thoughts

What a wall of text, both english and chinese. Take your time to read, a lot of info has already been summarised on this thread but to new guys who just read the discussions, you'll benefit.

Seasoned veterans, be patient, a lot of the spoilers have already been spoiled by Flere and those with jap volumes already. A quick scan through the rest of the page shows some even I don't know, so well, um..

I'll do KYH next if there's no specific requests, and only after I clear a couple pages of V11 chapter 1.

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