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Hi. I went to AME 1UP, held at World Trade Center last Feb 23. It's an anime convention with games, cosplay, and they have a guest from Japan as well.

Arrived there at about 2:30 in the afternoon.

First cosplayer I met is Adi.

Leny cosplaying as Mirai

Saw some more cosplayers as I was going back outside.


Hidan no Aria

In a convention, there's always someone in a maid costume.

Nikki cosplaying as Rikka from Chuunibyou
I think it's cute when she tries to act like Rikka.


Took a photo because she's cute.

Anjeline with her "Neko" wig. She's at the spot near the left side of the stage, and we actually got near the japanese guest.
I was about to go near Reika to take a pic, but Anjeline told me that it might be forbidden to do so. I then planned to take a pic of Reika using zoom function of cam, but she (Reika) already went on stage - and it's ok to take pic of her there.


Guest japanese cosplayer Reika. She can speak english, and there's also a workshop where she mentioned some tips on cosplaying. ",)


One more cosplayer in a cute maid costume. Her name is Jem.

A bear. Honestly, this is the first time I saw someone in a bear costume. And carrying a bear bag too!


Want to make a wish? I guess Tanabata wishes is something you'd find regularly in conventions by AME.

Or maybe you want to play sumo? Looks fun.

A little crowded inside, so I went out again for some fresh air.

Ranka Lee - probably one of the cutest I've seen on that day.

. .


Went back inside

Hummy stuffed toy

This area is for playing video games

One more Chuunibyou cosplayer, name is Krishea - and also a friend of the cardcaptor cosplayer.


Nurse cosplayer Nicole.

Schoolgirl cosplay by Ericka

Uta no Prince-sama cosplay by Karlonne

Saw her while looking for souvenirs. She's wearing really high heels.

Special A

Kuroko no Basket cosplayers

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu cosplay by Hannah

Posters with info about anime are stickied to an area of the convention.

Murasame Toko and Murasame Tsukimo by Bea and Yoj

SHUFFLE + MAGAZINE - this is the shop where Leny (the Mirai cosplayer) works.
I asked if the Asuna in the back is for sale. It's not for sale, unfortunately. But I did get a lot of free items from them on buying a magazine. Got a free poster and free game cd.

. . .

Almost time to go home, took a few more pics of cosplayers before going out.


Now outside.

White Mage cosplay by Claudshin Matsuki


I asked what cosplay she is doing, and she mentioned it. But unfortunately, I have forgotten. Anyway, her nickname is Kirstie.

And some last photos for the day.


Well, goodbye to AME IUP. Hoping to visit again next year.
It was an enjoyable experience, eventhough it was a little crowded inside.

Pics taken after getting home.

This is the UP AME ticket. The back is a playing card.


Magazine I bought from SHUFFLE + Magazine. Comes with a free game cd.

That's all. Thanks for reading. ",)

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