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Originally Posted by Thewanderer
There's no reason to change animation style for the worst, or anything for that matter, just because it's an anime-only episode. Any one of you could pick apart any previous episode JUST LIKE THIS, as there is NO DIFFERENCE in animation quality. Simply put, ALL OF YOU ARE PARANOID.
There is just ONE scene Im particularly ticked about though...

Dattabayo's version, time frame: 12.17-12.31

Oh my gosh...Ichigo looked like he had something stuck in his a**. Plus the fact that it was very un-Ichigo-like for him to be so paranoid(we know he isnt such an angsty person...).

Oh, another scene that seemed really out of place.
time frame: 7.14-7.17

Ishida looking totally whacked...and it wasn't suppose to be a funny scene too.

Thats just me...
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