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Well, there was something I was thinking about while off-line.

I wonder if the recent "helmeted criminals" riots could be used as a pretext for switching to a judiciary?

Akane makes a televised speech to Japan explaining to them that as a result of how Japan was recently rocked with vicious city-wide riots due to flaws in the system, they are reintroducing an old-fashioned criminal justice system in order to deal with those who successfully hide their psycho-pass readings. That rationale may seem reasonable enough to the general populace. Then gradually, over a few years, shift from Sibyl dependency to an old-fashioned criminal justice system.

Other steps that could be taken:

1. "We're also decommissioning the current Dominators, and replacing them with a newer, better model." - Akane. Just throw all the current Dominators into a trash compactor somewhere. This would effectively remove power from Sibyl, aside from maybe letting it handle the employment side of things (which may in fact be a good thing for Sibyl Japan, as we don't really know much about how that works). The "new Dominator" could be guns totally ran by Shion, giving off fake Psycho-Pass reading scores. They could simply be modified stun-guns, and Shion automatically gives a "Paralyze-level latent criminal score" to any criminal tracked down by the police. Captured criminals then get tried in a court of law.

2. All 250 brains could be forced into cybernetic bodies, and taken "off-line". And then each one could be tried for whatever crimes they committed in the new court of law ("We recently found this long-missing criminal. There's no statute of limitations at this time, so we will be charging him/her with Crimes A, B, C, and D." - Akane to the media). For those brains who never did anything criminal, they could be given a choice between running the employment side of things or simply integrating back into society as a private citizen.

Of course, for any of this to work, Akane has to be pretty media savvy and be effective at discreetly removing Sibyl from power behind the scenes.

Simply as a logistical matter, replacing Sibyl is not that hard. What I mean here is that, as Roger Rambo has repeatedly pointed out, these 250 brains are almost totally defenseless. Remember, we're not even sure if there are high-up government officials who knows the truth about Sibyl. I'd honestly like to think there's some Matrix-esque Architect somewhere who's not just a brain in a jar, and knows what Sibyl is really all about, and helps keep this brain factory running. But even if so, that's just one guy you have to convince to keep his mouth shut and accept that his baby Sibyl is finished.

If Sibyl Japan even has a Prime Minister, that person may be as much in the dark about Sibyl as the general population is.

Anyway, just something to think about. It's currently the best that I can come up with for a way of taking Sibyl off-line, gradually switching to a Judiciary, and doing all that in the most humane and painless way possible.
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