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Mami Lives Chapter 13
Mami Romance

“Walpurgis Night is here at last. Take care, Madoka.”

Those were the last words I heard from Mami. She spoke them to me before she gave me a quick kiss. After kissing me, she lovingly pushed my bangs to the side before running the back of her hand through them. As she did so, she gazed enchantingly into my eyes; taking comfort in them like a diver takes comfort in his last breath of air before descending into the murky depths below. I similarly had taken comfort in her pretty eyes.

The memory of her warm but piercing gaze causes me to stir while I now sit in an evacuation shelter, along with hundreds if not thousands of other people.

If you chose A for Choice M3, read Section Three Hopes Remain.
If you chose B for Choice M3, read Section The Kyousuke to Victory.

Spoiler for Three Hopes Remain:

Spoiler for The Kyousuke to Victory:

Sayaka, Mami, and I were all sitting around the transparent glass triangular table in Mami's living room. It was about a week and a half after the defeat of Walpurgis Night.

“What is it that you wanted to tell us, Sayaka?” Mami asked.

“Well…” Sayaka began a bit shyly, while blushing a lot, “Give me a second to prepare for this. It’s pretty embarrassing.”

“Well, if it’s that embarrassing, it’s not something you have to tell us.” I stated, as I didn’t want Sayaka to feel like she had to embarrass herself like this.

“No, I do have to tell you, Madoka.” Sayaka said, “It’s too important not to. It could really make a huge difference for you and Mami!”

“… How could it make a huge difference for us?” Mami asked.

Mami and I were now blinking a bit in confusion, finding it hard to pick much sense out of Sayaka’s words.

Sayaka released a bit of a frustrated shout while scratching her hair with both hands. I could tell this was really hard for her!

“Ok…” she said to herself, trying to calm herself, “I guess I should try to get this over with as quickly as possible.”

“T-That’s probably a good idea.” I said with a wry smile, as both Mami and I became increasingly nervous over Sayaka’s antics here.

“…You both think that Grief Seeds are the only way to cleanse Soul Gems right?” Sayaka asked.

“Yes, they are.” Mami quickly answered.

Sorry, Mami, but in this case you’re mistaken.” Sayaka stated.

“What other way is there to cleanse Soul Gems?” Mami asked.

Sayaka then shifted her eyes back and forth nervously, while playing a bit with her hair. Finally, after a brief sigh, she answered.

“… Sex” Sayaka answered.

“Sex?” Mami replied in question, shocked at the revelation.

“Yeah…” Sayaka answered uneasily, “Specifically, sex between two magical humans that have contracted with Kyubey…”

It took a couple moments for Mami and I to fully get the hidden implication behind Sayaka’s words here. But once we did, it was like a light-bulb going off in our heads.

“Oh, I see!” Mami responded, “This is something you must have learned when you and Kyousuke…”

Please, let’s not talk about it that openly!” Sayaka stated in a shy but pleading tone.

Mami then became silent for a second, respecting Sayaka’s plea. But it didn’t take long for Mami to make another important realization.

“Madoka, do you know what this means?!” Mami asked me.

“… Yeah, I do.” I replied shyly, now blushing myself.

Big decisions now awaited me. An obvious opportunity could no longer be justifiably denied. Sayaka was more right than what even she herself had likely thought possible.

A world of miracles and magic was now beckoning…

To Be Concluded….


Phew. And now the Mami Romance, Normal End is complete. Only one more chapter of the Mami Lives side left to go. The ultimate climax of Mami Romance!

I hope people enjoyed the ending of Mami Romance, Normal End.

Gray means Kyousuke narration, just so you know.

Numerous songs are linked to in this update. As usual, that means that I think the music in each of those YouTube vids goes well with the section of the fanfic that follows them.

Well, sorry for the late update, but I hope it was worth the wait. I eagerly look forward to any and all comments/reviews!

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