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Hi. I attended Cherry Convention last Sunday (Mar 10) at SM Megamall. The convention seems to be aimed mostly at gamers, because there's plenty of monitors for gaming inside. Many of the cosplayers are also cosplaying as characters from games.


Paid for the ticket and soon saw a cosplayer.

Cookie cosplaying as Crytal Maiden.


Nerwin the Archer, cosplay by Janine

Shuffle Magazine has a stall in this convention. I wanted to support their store, but there's no new issue yet.
The girl with the pink paw prints in her clothes is Leny. She cosplayed as Mirai at AME 1UP.

. . .

She works for a stall selling Kimono and other souvenirs.


That thing he's carrying is an axe. Must be difficult to walk around wearing this large costume.

Saw her running around. She said that she isn't wearing her wig. Wearing a wig or not she's still cute, so I took pics. ",)


Tracy cosplaying as Sorceress from Dragon Nest. Nice cosplay that goes well with her smile.

The time that I can stay at this convention is rather short, so I walked around quickly looking for more cosplayers.

They're advertising for a store selling headsets.

Looks good, but have no time to eat snacks.

Gaming area

This guy looks like a character from Tekken

Hannah Sophia cosplaying as Procata Archer. She works for Cosmicbytes Cosplay Shop.

. .

Sophia doing a demo of pink Neko wig. I think it fits her well. ",)

Saw Janine again. This area is near the wig shop.

. .

My time's almost up. Saw some more cosplayers while looking for the exit.
April and Abegail cosplaying as Konata and Tsukasa from Lucky Star.


Cannot exit at the area where I saw the Lucky Star cosplayers, so I headed for the other end of the convention area once again. Here I made a mistake.. I thought I saw Georgia (a cosplayer I know).

me: Georj, so you attended?
Alex: huh??
her mom: huh???
me: huh, not Georj? I apologized right away. Good thing they didn't get mad.

The cosplayer whom I mistaken for someone I know is Alex. And she's cosplaying as a character from Kurosagi Otome. ",)


Saw some more cosplayers as I was headed for the escalator.

Romica Lyan cosplaying a character from El Sword - I think her cosplay is really cute! Somehow reminds me of costumes of AKB0048 members.


And last cosplayer pic of the day is Joyce cosplaying a character from Divina Online.

Goodbye Cherry Con. Hope to visit again next year.

Sorry, this report is a short one compared to the others. Only able to stay for about 2 hrs because I have an appointment with someone in the afternoon.

Pic taken after getting home.

Here you can see the ticket, and the free Cherry Convention pin. People at the entrance also gave a free code, I think it's for accessing an online game.

Well, that's it. And thank you for reading.
Next anime convention is Cubicon.

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