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A new anime got announced and its based on a picture book >.<

Picture books are usually (from my knowledge >.<) aimed at very young children.


Shibawanko no Wa no Kokoro

Broadcast: 7/4/2006 (April 7th, 2006)

Its based on a picture book.
It serialized (yes its serialized ) in the magazine MOE; a magazine on pop culture.

Site of MOE magazine:
MOE magazine issues:

Isn't that Moomin on two of MOE issue covers >.<

Of course its serialized and also has books out, for now there are 4 picture books out and book number 5 will be out on 4/3/2006 (March 4th, 2006)

Here are the covers:

Every book is about 60 pages.

Info from AnimeNfo:

It is based on a picture book. The main character, which is a dog, teaches Japanese tradition and manners.
Genre: Fantasy


Why I said usually:

Whats weird though, that some sites put this picture book under Picture Book for Grown-ups are there really picture books for grown-ups

And look at what hour its going to get broadcasted: 21:45
So it seems like it is really a picture book for grown-ups

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