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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Problem with your inference is that a silence is not in a void. Silence always has context (as all common law jurisdiction would recognize), of which you have failed to provide aside from pure speculation.
Since you want context, let's break down how I drew my inference, based on what we know:

1) KMM practices Nishizumi-ryu.

2) Nishizumi-ryu states that victory at all cost, including sacrifice of to secure victory.

3) Miho's action in saving the distressed Panzer III is considered the wrong thing to do by most of KMM, with exceptions being that Panzer III tank commander (and presumably her crew).

The inferences I draw are thus:

1) KMM crews understand that they may be sacrificed to the altar of victory, even if it risks their lives.

2) KKM crews are not volunteering to for sacrificial plays, but are resigned to the possibility of being ordered into sacrificial play. Soldiers, who have gone through the indoctrination that is part of basic training, do not take kindly to being considered pawns, let alone high school girls.

3) Third inference, which I just realised, is that it's entirely possible that KMM's girls have drunk the kool-aid and thoroughly buy into the Nishizumi-ryu philosophy, in which case this invalidates my points above and I've done your work for you, ojou. Having said that, if you want to talk about how concrete the inferences are, I'd say not so, as these are inferences drawn from what is known, versus the show actually spelling things out.

Originally Posted by willx View Post
Now now, that's jumping to conclusions, people can disagree and still be cordial. Admittedly I didn't want the end scene either (cause I was at work for 15 hours)

That said, I'm a little surprised, if Miho didn't practice Nishizumi-ryu (ruthlessness, cunning, tactics) .. then someone still needs to explain to me what the hell Nishizumi-ryu actually is?
Nishizumi-ryu, as defined by Shiho and Maho, is to keep moving forward and attack head-on, and that victory is to be attained at any cost, up to sacrificing your assets, with the implication being even unto death.

In contrast, Maho's senshado is about hit and fade, breaking contact when you can't fight, to reengage from a better position, and understanding that you don't sacrifice your teammates for victory (but if they agree and are willing to take the bullet for you, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth either.)

Or at least that's how I see things.
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